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For the last 35 years, our liquor store has proudly served Napa County Residents- providing the best fairest prices and widest selection of spirits in Napa County. We are a company with a lifetime of experience in the premium alcoholic beverage industry yet we also haven’t lost our salt of the earth roots. We consider it an honor to represent the finest producers of wine, beer, and spirits to the people and now are opening our doors to individuals all over the world.

Our highly-educated and driven sales staff know all the assortment of our store and can advise the best choice for you. We pride ourselves in carefully evaluating every potential brand and beverage for quality, sales and mutual growth potential before they’re selected for a place in our portfolio.  With the goal of providing accurate and efficient access to our customers, Lawler’s Liquors partners with 3rd party delivery services allowing you to seamlessly ship your package to yourself. 

As a local you now have the option of buying online and having your order ready for pick up! Is Easy, order and pick up!  We are excited to be able to offer extended services! And look forward to filling your orders!

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Complimentary Shipping

Most case orders and special promotions include shipping within the state of California. *Not applicable on all items or in store promotions. **Shipping is based on current condition and based on current laws issued both in State and Federally.

24/7 Contact

Yes, we sleep, however we are always responsive to requuest and email contacts and resolve questions and concers with in 24 hours! Go ahead, Reach out to us anytime!

Payment Process

We use stripe integration with our site to ensure a secure checkout process. We are also happy to manually assist you with orders and questions.

What We Offer

Spirits are our specialty! We have a rich collections of elite liquors as well as your everyday favorites. We regularly restock it and add new items to our assortment weekly. 

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Our Mission

“Our goal has always been to be Napa’s favorite family operated corner store.  We are proud to offer the lowest prices and we will continue to be a business where people are recognized. Come and visit us and become part of the family, we look forward to meeting you!”


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We are open: 7 days a week. Mon- Sat: 9 am-10 pm & Sun: 9 am-8 pm | (707)-226-9311 | LawlersLiquors@gmail.com

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